South Carolina

Persian & Manx

Our Story

Our goal is to breed quality, healthy, affectionate designer kittens that are a bundle of joy for anyone who encounters them

We take pride in raising our kittens "underfoot" in our home.  We are not a cattery with cages.

Our kittens get plenty of exercise & attention from us while growing up. By the time they go to their new homes they have been eating solid food for 6 weeks & are liitter box trained. They have exceptional personalities!

All our designer kittens have developed over 30 years of breeding registered Persians & Manx hence the name


  • Some have doll faces
  • Some have extremely flat "show Persian" faces
  • Some are tailless
  • All have thick, fluffy hair coats
  • They weigh 5 - 8 lbs when grown